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The registration fee is 80.00 Euro paid via bank transfer or on-line credit cards before July 22, 2018 (registration deadline).
It’s possible to pay at the registration desk by cash or credit/debit cards, but the feee will be of 100.00 Euro.

Please, if not already specified in the registration form, send to the LOC the details about the receipt recipient (if in doubt ask your Administration), otherwise you may risk to not be refunded by your Institution. After receipt emission, it will not be possible to make any correction.


Bank transfer information

Account owner: Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica
Bank address:
BNL – Banca Nazionale del Lavoro
Via Costantino Nigra, n. 15
00194 ROMA
Sportello c/o CONI

IBAN: IT69S0100503309000000218500

Reason for payment: “OACN CLUSTER2 <Name of participant>”

Important! Send to a copy of the receipt of the bank transfer to allow us track your payment.


Please fill in the form below to procede with the payment of the fee by credit cards.

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