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INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte
Salita Moiariello 16 – Naples, 80131
Phone +39.081.5575.111
e-mail info@na.astro.it

Useful links

ANM – local public transports.
TAXI fares and fixed fares.
Naples‘ airport.
Naples Metro network map.

By plane

The airport in Naples has direct connection flights with many Italian and European towns. In case no direct flight is available, it is possible to stop at Rome’s airport, and continue with a domestic flight to Naples, or to reach the town by train.
From the airport to the Observatory it is possible to use the following public transport.

  • TAXI – The distance between the airport and the OAC is about 7 kilometers. The cost of the journey, depending on the traffic, isn’t lower than 12 Euro. Taxis are available in front of arrivals gate or calling 081.8888.
  • AliBus – Special bus of ANM which connects the airport with the Central Railway Station and Municipio square. It stands 250 meters away Terminal 1 in front of the Bank. Start more or less every 20 minutes. It takes about 15 minutes. You can buy the ticket on board. Bus GT with air conditioned.
  • Bus R4 – People arriving in Municipio square, should take the bus to Capodimonte. There is a stop at the beginning of Medina street (the second road on the right looking from the harbour.) It has a cadence of 15 minutes and takes about 20 minutes. The stop closest to the Observatory is named „Regresso“. From the stop, turn to the right and take a short walk in Via Capodimonte (about 250 meters uphill) than turn on the right in via Sant’Antonio and keel the left for about 100 meters till the Observatory entrance.

By train

In Naples there are four railway stations: Centrale, Garibaldi (respectively flat superior and basement of the same station), Mergellina and Campi Flegrei. Centrale is the only terminal and is the station where most of the trains arrives; other are all on the same line and connected among them by the line 2 of the underground.
If you do not choose to take a taxi to reach the Observatory, it is advisable to approach the center using the Line 2 of the underground till the stop of Cavour square. Go by feet towards the National Museum up to the bus stop in Via Pessina/Galleria Principe di Napoli where you can take the bus number C63 that bring you till „Porta Grande“ where you can reach the Observatory following Via Sant’Antonio keaping left.
Like for the ANM buses, also for the underground you can use the same ticket which, in case of 90min. size, gives the possibility to make only a journey on „rails lines“.

By car

If you use a GPS, refer to the Observatory with its proper name or its address.

  • From Nord A1 (E45) – exit the motorway Milano-Napoli to the kilometer 755: Release for the Tangenziale direction Capodichino/Domiziana.
  • From Sud A3 (E45) – after the toll-booths of South Naples, keep the left and continue in direction of Rome for 4 kilometers until the exit for the Tangenziale (direction Capodichino/Domiziana). ATTENTION do not follow the indications for Napoli Centro or those for Paesi Vesuviani, take the third exit after the toll-booths.
  • The ring (Tangenziale) of Naples – Take the exit number 5 Capodimonte. ATTENTION, for those who comes from the motorways, the exit is immediately after exiting the tunnel, keep the right after feeding the tunnel.

Once gone out from the Tangenziale on the ordinary road network, after another short tunnel, you are forced to turn right. Follow the road for a few hundreds of meters up to a round point (Tondo di Capodimonte), keeping the left, turn to get back in the opposite sense which you got down. Continue until the crossing keeping the right, turn to right in Via Capodimonte. After about 300 meters, still turn right on a narrow street (Via Sant’Antonio a Capodimonte) and at the bifurcation take the street to the left (Salita Moiariello a Capodimonte), in the curve there is the entry of the Observatory… you are arrived!
Once gone out the Tangenziale, it is also possible to follow the arrow plates indicating Osservatorio or those indicating Hotel Villa Capodimonte.
NOTE – inside the Observatory complex there is a wide car parking.

By sea

Oltre a poter prendere un TAXI (Euro 11,00 dal Beverello) si può arrivare all’Osservatorio con i bus pubblici.
Se si arriva a Mergellina, prendere il bus R3 dalla Torretta fino a Via Medina. Se si arriva al molo Beverello/Angioino, raggiungere la prima fermata di Via Medina. Da qui prendere il bus R4 che passa ogni 15 minuti. La fermata per l’Osservatorio è quella del „Regresso“, da cui bisogna proseguire a piedi per Via Capodimonte (sulla destra) per circa 250m in salita, quindi prendere via Sant’Antonio (sulla destra difronte l’ingresso del Bosco di Capodimonte – Porta Grande) e proseguire per altri 100m tenendo la sinistra fino all’ingresso dell’Osservatorio.

Besides the possibility to take a TAXI (Euro 11,00 from the Beverello) you can arrive to the Observatory by public bus.
If you arrive at Mergellina, take the bus R3 from the Torretta up to Via Medina. If you arrive at the pier Beverello/Angioino, reach the bus stop in Via Medina. From thise stop, take the bus number R4 that goes by every 15 minutes. The stop closest to the Observatory is named „Regresso“. From the stop, turn to the right and take a short walk in Via Capodimonte (about 300 meters uphill) than turn on the right in via Sant’Antonio and keel the left for about 100 meters till the Observatory entrance.