METIS: 3rd Science and Technical Meeting

Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte

Naples – October 15-17, 2013

METIS is one of the 10 instruments selected by ESA for the Solar Orbiter mission. It is a coronagraph, observing the outer solar corona in visible and ultraviolet light. It is the only instrument of the Solar Orbiter payload with Italian leadership.

METIS is a joint collaboration of the METIS Italian consortium – of scientific Institutes and Universities – led by INAF, MPS (Katlenburg-Lindau, D) and ASU-CAS (CZ). ASI is the leading funding agency of the project.

This is the third meeting of the METIS consortium, and will be the first one after the beginning of the instrument Phase C/D.

The meeting is open to all Co-Investigators, Associate Scientists, Key Persons, industrial partners, and to all scientists interested in the METIS and Solar Orbiter science.

SOC: V. Andretta (INAF/OACN), D. Spadaro (INAF/OACt), and the METIS Project Office (E. Antonucci, S. Fineschi, M. Romoli, G. Naletto, G. Nicolini, P. Nicolosi)
LOC: V. Andretta, R. Cozzolino, A. Di Dato, C. Sasso, Th. Straus
Secretariat: R. Aiello, R. Cesaro