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Please specify if you will come to the meeting dinner alone or with the accompanying persons indicated above. The cost of the meeting dinner for each accompanying person is Euro 60,00. - Please specify dietary restrictions for you and for each accompanying person (if any) in the “Notes” box below.

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Extra fee - Please select all desired combinations. The participation fees for the guided tours depend on the number of participants. For the walking guided tour on Thursday, the minimum number of participants is 25 and the cost is about 10 euros. For the guided tour to Pompei on Friday, the minimum number of participants is 40 and the cost is about 40 euros.
Walking guided tour of the Naples historical center (Thursday evening)Guided tour of Pompei (Friday morning)
Only meMe with the accompanying persons indicated aboveNone of us

Specify here whatever note you want to transmit to the LOC/SOC regarding your registration and dietary restrictions.

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Your personal data will not be disclosed to any other party apart from the Military Authority, and this will be for the sole purpose of granting meeting participants access to the meeting venue. For complete privacy information, refer to INAF Web Site.

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