Third METIS Science and Technical Meeting, October 15-17, 2013

updated to 14-Oct-2013

Tuesday 15
Time Speaker Topic
12:00 Registration
Chair: E. Antonucci Introduction
14:30 (METIS3 LOC) Welcome
14:35 (ESA) Solar Orbiter, an overview
14:50 (ASI) Italian participation to Solar Orbiter
15:05 (INAF) TBD
Chair: M. Romoli METIS overview
15:20 E. Antonucci Introduction
15:30 G. Naletto Program overview
15:50 M. Romoli Instrument overview
16:10 S. Fineschi Science overview and updated design
16:30 Coffee break
Chair: G. Naletto METIS optical system
17:00 M. G. Pelizzo (TELECONF) Results of tests on multilayers and mirror coating
17:10 R. Melik/T. Vit Development of mirrors
17:20 L. Poletto Results of tests on gratings
17:30 F. Landini Boom occulter development model
17:40 G. Capobianco Polarimeter/filter
17:50 A. Álvarez-Herrero LCVR
18:00 V. Da Deppo/E. Verroi Tolerance studies
18:10 S. Fineschi Ground calibration/Calibration plan
18:20 F. Frassetto In-flight calibration sources
18:30 G. Massone OPSys System Calibration Facility
18:40 (D. Moses) M. Romoli Cleanliness
18:50 M. Romoli Protection system
19:00 End of sessions
Wednesday 16
Time Speaker Topic
09:00 M. Della Valle Welcome address
Chair: TBD METIS detectors
09:05 M. Uslenghi Detector requirements
09:20 (MPS) The METIS Detection Subsystem developed by MPS
Chair: S. Fineschi METIS electronics and software
09:50 M. Focardi Electronics
10:00 G. Nicolini ESA SIIS simulator
10:10 M. Pancrazzi Onboard SW + DB
10:20 E. Magli Compression algorithms
10:30 Th. Straus Data analysis software
10:40 G. Nicolini Instrument software simulator
10:50 F. Berrilli/D. Del Moro The experience of ground-based projects: IBIS and EST
11:05 Coffee break
Chair: P. Heinzel METIS science
11:30 D. Spadaro METIS science objectives
12:00 P. Nicolosi Exploring EUV near absorption edge optical constants for enhanced and sensitive grazing incident reflectivity
12:15 P. Heinzel, S. Jejcic Diagnostic potential of a simultaneous detection of L-alpha and VL in eruptive prominences and CME’s
12:30 C. Sasso Magnetic structure of an activated filament
12:40 S. Pucci EUV transient phenomena in polar coronal hole
12:50 End of morning sessions
Lunch break
Chair: D. Spadaro METIS science (cont.)
14:30 G. Zimbardo Looking for shocks in the solar corona
14:45 A. Bemporad Diagnostics for CME and shock fronts
15:00 R. Susino Analysis of a CME-driven shock with White Light and UV data
15:10 S. Dolei Drag forces effects on the CME kinematics
15:20 F. Malara Waves and turbulence in the corona, and their role in solar wind acceleration
15:35 F. Reale MHD modeling and diagnostics of coronal plasma
15:50 Coffee break
Chair: S. Solanki METIS joint science and operations
16:15 A. De Groof (TELECONF) Solar Orbiter science operations
16:45 (F. Auchère) S. Parenti Remote Sensing WG
17:00 S. Parenti EUI-METIS Joint Science
17:15 S. Solanki PHI-METIS Joint Science
17:30 (TBC) (TELECONF) ATST and NSO synoptic programs
17:45 End of afternoon sessions
20:30 Dinner
Thursday 17
Time Speaker Topic
Chair: V. Andretta METIS joint science and operations (cont.)
09:30 M. F. Marcucci Italian participation to SWA
09:45 A.M. Massone/M. Piana Italian participation to STIX
10:00 S. Fineschi SO-SPP Joint Science
10:15 L. Teriaca Solar C
10:30 F. Zuccarello EST
10:45 C. Grimani On the advantages of GCR and SEP differential flux measurements in space at the time of METIS/Solar Orbiter data taking
11:00 Round table on joint observations
11:30 Coffee break
Chair: S. Parenti METIS operations
12:00 A. Bemporad CME/Flare flag
12:15 V. Andretta METIS Science Operations
12:45 M. Romoli Commissioning/In-flight calibration
13:00 End of meeting